The Oranges!

The closest VR experience to the reality!

I'm Reza, an M.Sc. student at INRS-EMT, Montréal, Québec. I invite you to read description of our most recent experiment!

You will squeeze oranges, feel their scents, and percieve the volume of 3D objects in your hands!

The Experiment

We will stimulate 4 senses during your experience, including: audio, visual, olfactory, and tactile 

The main task is simple: 
1. Grab an orange
2. Move it on top of the bowl
3. Squeeze it to make an orange juice!

The experiment consists of 4 block.
A- Initial motor imagery: We will ask you to IMAGINE grabbing an orange and squeezing it
B- Audiovisual condition: In which you will have interaction with oranges without force feedback
C- Audiovisual-smells-force feedback: While interaction, you will feel the orange scent and the volume of 3D object in your hands!
D- Final motor imagery task

During your experience, we will record:

Physiological Signals

We will track your brain signals to quantify your quality of experience. On top of that, heart, eyes, and muscular activity will be measured!

Subjective ratings

Using a battery of questionnaires, we will gauge your quality of experience interms of immersion, realism, and engagement.   


Instrumented VR Headset

A head-mounted display (Oculus Quest2) integrated with bio-signal acquisition system to capture influential human factors through EEG, ECG, and EOG!

Moreover, OVR ION2 was used as scentware. This device is capable of dispersing up to nine different scents, including beach, flowers, earth dirt, pine forest, ocean breeze, wood, citrus, ozone, and grass.

Myo Armband

A pair of Myo armbands will be used to capture your muscle activity!

SenseGlove Nova

A pair of SenseGlove nova have been used to provide haptic feedback. As result, subjects are empowered to feel the objects in virtual environment!


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